Dudes saggin their pants : Has to stop!!

Okay I had to talk about this one since I see so many dudes sagging there pants all the time I mean do y’all really know what it means for real. I’m about to break it down for those who don’t understand. sagging your pants started in the jailhouse and if you sagged your pants meant to other dudes you were available. Nowadays dudes have turned it into a trend and it is so not cute and very unattractive because it makes you look suspect  stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and it doesn’t help that celebrities have made the trend marketable like no one wants to look at your ass when your walking it’s so unbecoming on a male to walk around dressing like that have some respect for yourself and others around you and PULLLL YA DAMN PANTS UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you actually want your booty taken like your in jail it just needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!.


2 Replies to “Dudes saggin their pants : Has to stop!!”

  1. I believe you are correct but I also believe it is a thing as doing what is known. Dudes cant help it but to sagg there pants sometimes it is all they know. Some have belts and they still sagg so in reality I think it something that you just might have to get use to it, until it goes out of ‘Style’ as some might call it !!!!

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